Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Looking Forward To Tomorrow by Kay Wyne

Looking Forward to Tomorrow
20" x 20" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Floral Still Life
I just pulled this canvas off my easel in the studio.  It is abstract, colorful and has thick brushstrokes of paint.  I have a new "thing" with this still life series...I put a "halo" in the composition...actually I decided to go with five of them.  I scratch paint off with a tool, then go in and put a color representing a pedal or part of the arrangement falling off.  I have put in two colors for each halo.  There are five halos in this painting.  The floral arrangement is busy and whimsical...giving this piece a fun and happy feel.  The edges of this canvas are painted, so framing is not necessary.  Contact Kay for more information on "Looking Forward to Tomorrow".  Thanks, Kay

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