Friday, September 19, 2014

Sky by Beach

Sky by Beach
Galveston Island, Texas
8 x 10
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn

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Out of all the clouds I cared to actually look at in my time, mostly my days as a painter, there was one that actually made me laugh. Forgot what it was about, but it was funny at the time. I'm still amazed that I still see clouds in ways I've never seen before. Summertime is by far the best time to see the best of the best. It wasn't to long ago, about a week or two driving down the freeway the biggest cloud I've ever seen was lit up by the sun in the most awesome way. Even the ever day, day in day out worker would agree. The depth and height and color top to bottom was immense, and the value from light to dark was wide. To bad I don't have a photographic memory to at least feed off of. Camera would have been second best, but as when most dire needs of one you don't have it, even your cell lol, and yes maybe I did run that red light or maybe I didn't...but needless to say it was to late by the time I got my hands on it.

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