Saturday, September 27, 2014

Floatie Assault

Floatie Assault
Galveston Island, Texas
8 x 8
Oil on Panel
Randall Cogburn

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Frame Example
King of Frame: Arroyo Gold

Oh, I love this painting. You might have to pry it from my hands to get it, just kidding. I have only don'e a handful of palette knife paintings, well let's just say you could juggle them that's how many I've done out of all the oil paintings I painted. One, a long time ago sold, another not sure it's residing, and the last but not least is this one. I call it Floatie Attack, the kid wonder, not a care in the world ready to hit the waves with Moxie. Remember those day's when you were a kid with floaties. I was one, my first time to use them was at a pool party and my dad, water guy he is, had me launch off the diving board with floaties, that was cool. I will look forward to making a larger version of this painting in the future it might be a project since it will take quite a bit of paint. By the way the paint on here is thick as butter on bread, so I will definitely send instructions to the buyer to varnish it since it will take some time to properly dry. Go Floaties!! Quick poll, if it's raining at the beach have you ever got in the water, while it's raining?

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