Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mules Mules Mules by Debbie Grayson Lincoln

5 X 7 Oil on Canvas mounted on Board $125
Includes Shipping and Insurance
We are back from our yearly trek to Colorado. We escaped the blazing Texas heat for 3 glorious weeks where the temperature was never over 78 and often down in the 30's at night. DEEEE-lightful! Many many thanks to my friends and neighbors for taking care of the cows and horses, etc. And, MOM...thanks for encouraging us to go - I am so grateful you are feeling so well!

At our first stop, near Road Canyon Reservoir on the way to Thirty Mile Campground near Creede, we passed a corral full of mules and horses. I LOVE mules and took many photos of them.
This first little painting is a composite of my 3 favorite, and I have included here the process of the painting's composition.

I would love to paint this in a large format using a different color palette...any takers?

Above are three original photo images that I took.

A quick sketch on notebook paper (I forgot my sketchbook) established the composition.

I decided to make the format slightly wider than square, re-drew the sketch onto the canvas and began painting.

Unlike many painters, I prefer to work "front to back", painting the negative space to make corrections in the outline, if needed.

This painting was completed in about 3 hours (not counting the photography, planning and final drawing). Painting on the "kitchen table" in the RV is not the best of circumstances - lighting is very bad and the space is cramped. I used to take boxes of supplies and canvases, but I have learned to take the barest minimum and make-do.

If you are interested in this painting, click here to send me an email. I accept checks and Paypal. I can also arrange LAYAWAY. 

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